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The process of scheduling a meeting including all the details that needs to be discussed in that meeting can be referred as an Agenda. This term is generally used for business purpose and its major role in this field is to point out all the activities that require to be discussed in a business meeting. In simple language, Agenda can also refer as things to be done. gives you a wide collection of free as well as paid Agenda iPhone Apps that help you to prepare all your business work in a quick, easy and convenient way. While utilizing these incredible Agenda Apps for iPhone, users can make schedules for their meetings and other business related tasks in a simple manner. They can manage their work and time in a very efficient way through these iPhone Agenda Apps. Try to make your life simple and relaxed by using some of the best Agenda iPhone Applications.

iPhone Agenda Apps
Name Rating Price
Agenda Mail
Version 1.0 | Biiiz
Organize your email addresses like your phone numbers. Choose a person from your sorted agenda mail ...
ActionAgenda Lite : To-do & Calendar Planner
Version 1.2.1 | Appeople
ActionAgenda is an integrated to-do and calendar planner. To-do planning and event scheduling can ...
ActionAgenda : To-do & Calendar Planner
Version 1.1 | Appeople
★★ Introductory Sale for a Limited Time!! ★★ ActionAgenda is an integrated ...
Alarm Talk - Speaks Your Agenda and Weather
Version 1.04 | Jot Kailay
"Good Afternoon. Current temperature is 20, forecast is sunny. Your agenda: At 9 run at paradise fal...
Pocket Easy Agenda
Version 1.3.3 | Diego Chiodini
Easy Agenda is an application which helps you record your daily tasks in an easy and intuitive way, ...
Dog Medical Agenda
Version 4 | Da Pont
Here is an application that will enable you to keep track of and always have to hand all information...
My School Agenda
Version 1.2.4 | La Salle
Version 2.3 | Matt Hunter
myAgenda is designed for the manager or executive who wants to prepare and run effective meetings. N...
Mi Agenda
Version 1.1.2 | Marcelo Alvarez
Mi Agenda is a new application that allows you to create calendar events, notes and tasks. It has a ...
Version 2.1 | Philippe Fajeau
AgendA+ is the ultimate electronic student agenda. It provides two main functions to help you stay o...
Agenda Maker
Version 1.0.13 | ydangle apps
Creating an Agenda for a meeting, workshop, conference or event is often a tedious task. This app ha...
Daily Agenda
Version 1.1.2 | Virtua
Meetings, meetings, meetings? Relax, help is in your hand. Reduce stress in a busy day – Centr...
Version 1.5 | Interaction Associates, Inc.
A meeting agenda creator that allows users to create meeting agendas "on-the-fly" using Interaction ...
Lotusphere 2011 Mobile Agenda
Version 0.9 | Computer Architechs International Corporation
Lotusphere 2011 Mobile Agenda allows you to synchronize your session schedule with Lotusphere 2011 O...
Pocket No Agenda
Version 3.6 | Adam Burkepile
Pocket No Agenda is like a Gitmo Nation iPhone Application. This app can be used In the Morning o...
Version 1.0 | RalCr
Gtdagenda is a powerful task and project manager, featuring full sync with the web-ser...
MyProvence Agenda
Version 1.3 | Comité Départemental du Tourisme Bouches-du-Rhône
MyProvence is a free application on everything you need to know about cultural and leisure events in...
Sibos Agenda
Version 1.0 | S.W.I.F.T SCRL
Agenda application for Sibos 2010 Event in Amsterdam...
Version 20101015 | Waveweb
English information A theater agenda for the cities of Lisbon and Oporto in Portugal....
Pets Medical Agenda
Version 1.1 | Da Pont
Do you love your pets (dogs, cats, …) and would you need an application enabling you to keep t...
No Agenda Mobile Stream
Version 1.1.0 | Kevin Porteous
This is the easiest way to listen to the No Agenda stream on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Listen to the s...
Bet Agenda
Version 1.00 | Nick Mellos
Do you bet in local or online bookmakers and you need an app that is able to thoroughly organize you...
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