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Contact Management Apps helps small businesses in converting their prospects towards clients and keep them more informative every time. Contact Management is a tool which generally provides easy contact management, monitoring & recording all the required interactions as well as communications. Experience your growing contact list every day with collection for number of email addresses, instant messaging and phone numbers.

Not sure that you really require a contact manager tool? offers a very definite collection of Contact Management iPhone Apps, which will help the users with complete accommodation for getting a sufficient way of maintaining all their important contacts and related information. Contact management provides customer relationship management with complete automation towards the management of internal relationship. Visit, the web-directory and download as many iPad contact management apps as you can that consist of some very unique features which will apparently help you in maintaining all your business or personal contacts.

iPhone Contact Management Apps
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Version 1.1 | wildnet Technologies
Mobile Contact Backup is the easiest way to backup and restore your contacts all from your phone wit...
Smartr Contacts
Version 1.4 | Xobni Corp.
Contacts mean people and people mean life. Smartr Contacts is ready to manage your contacts, addr...
Delete Multiple Contacts Fast & Easy
Version 1.0 | Bhaskar Jyoti Raj
Delete multiple number of contacts on a single click utilizing the best looking intuitive UI. Choos...
Contact King
Version 1.0 | PrivaTec Co., Ltd.
Contact King is the contact management software with easy-to-use. ● Are you a...
Version 1.1.2 | Appsmatics LLC
ContactsNearby A better Contacts app. Helps you filter your contacts in many different ways not curr...
Contacts Group Manager - HachiContact Lite
Version 1.1 | Hachi
HachiContact is a convenient software to manage contacts through groups. It is very easy and simple ...
GroupsPro Lite
Version 1.1.3 | Demodit GmbH
GroupsPro - manage contact groups and create mailing lists for mass SMS and email. GroupsPro for iP...
Version 1.50 | Peng
Contacts group applications, you can use this app to group your contacts, send group emails,sms,etc....
Address Book Duplicate Cleaner
Address Book Duplicate Cleaner is an application for iPhone / iPad with which you can have th...
Save Contacts Email
Save Contacts Email ***** Most simple and useful App ever! ***** Save all your contacts with the...
Version 1 | Mohamed Fouad
Ozbotha is a FREE mobile application that will fix all your contacts changing them to the new Egypti...
Version 1.0.5 | Appsmatics LLC
cNearby A better Contacts app. Helps you filter your contacts in many different ways not currently s...
Contacts Group Manager - HachiContact
Version 1.0 | Hachi
Limited time sale 50% OFF HachiContact is a convenient software to manage contacts through groups. ...
ContactBook - Contacts Manager with support for Groups and vCards
Version 2.0 | Tidal Pool Software
ContactBook makes it easy to find, manage, and share your contacts. Scroll through your contacts in ...
Contact Keeper
Version 1.0 | Risitech
Contact Keeper the free version of Never lose a friend! If It happens sometimes that you forget to c...
Call Forwarding Assistant
Version 2.2 | oUoSoft Ltd.
Call Forwarding Assistant allows you to setup call forwarding with one click.It lets you route all c...
Groups 2: Text / SMS, Email & Contact Management
Version v2.3.2 | Guided Ways Technologies Ltd
Groups 2 is more than contact management. Arrange best contact group with this app, available for...
ContactPro - Contact Management & Mails
Version 1.0.2 | LufiStudio
*** Special offer now! Limited time only!*** ContactPro introducing Multi-Layer Group managements c...
Magna CRM - contact management software
Version 1.2 | OnClick Solutions Ltd
Simple, on demand CRM Software Store business contacts, leads, opportunities. Schedule & manage task...
Contacto - Smart Contact Management, Group Email, Photo Speed Dialer
Version 2.0 | Alesman, LLC
Contacto is a powerful communication tool for professionals who want to increase their productivity....
Contacto Lite - Smart Contact Management
Version 2.0 | Alesman, LLC
Contacto Lite is the free version of Contacto. Contacto is a powerful communication tool for profess...
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