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Guitar: Play and Share iPhone App & Review

Release Date: 2009-11-30
Version: 2.0.3
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(Age Rating: 4+)
Category: Music iPhone Apps (Guitar iPhone Apps) Publisher: Frontier Design Group
Languages: English File Size: 24.3 MB

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Guitar: Play and Share Screenshots:
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About Guitar: Play and Share:

This is an acoustic guitar app for your iPhone or iPod touch that helps to learn and play your favorite songs with Guitar. Perform songs with any combination of chords and melodies via this application. You can also strum along to your iTunes music with Guitar and hear your playing added into the mix!

- Built in library of over 1900 chords!
- Chords are easily reordered for fast access
- Dynamics!: strum position controls loudness of chords
- Easily create and save your own custom chords

- 21 scales, available in 12 keys, let you play melodies
- User-selectable string labels
- "Advanced moves": hammer-on's, pull-off's, and slides

Songs and playlist:
- Combinations of chords & scales can be saved as songs
- Songs can be reordered in the Playlist
- Songs can be edited, renamed, deleted
- Save songs to the web and share globally with AirPlay

- Slide finger between buttons for fast chord transitions
- Even support for the left-handed guitarist
- Shortcuts for fast song editing and button reordering

- Adjust tuning to match recordings, other instruments
- Reverb effect simulates room ambience
- 4 great acoustic guitar sounds, including 12-string
- Notes dever "drop out" due to limited sample length

- Play along with recordings, even use different sound
- Record performances with optional metronome
- Speed up or slow down performance after recording
- "AirPlay" acts as a pocket-guide to songs from around the world, letting you rate (and save) performance from other users

Note: After installing Guitar we recommend powering your device off and then on to reset system memory

Oct 10 '12
2.0.3 Version
Apr 07 '12
2.0.2 Version
Mar 17 '11
1.98 Version
Feb 12 '11
$0.99 - $4.99
Feb 07 '11
$4.99 - $0.99
Dec 20 '10
$2.99 - $4.99 1.97V
Dec 17 '10
$4.99 - $2.99
Nov 26 '10
$3.99 - $4.99 1.96V
Oct 23 '10
1.93 Version
Oct 07 '10
1.92 Version
Sep 08 '10
1.91 Version
Jul 06 '10
1.86 Version
May 21 '10
V1.85, $3.99
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Guitar: Play and Share What's New:
IOS 6 bug fix for Music Player
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Guitar: Play and Share
Price: $4.99
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