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iPhone Apps for Massage Therapists - Massage Therapists iPhone/iPod Apps

From new born baby to adult people and even pets need massage to relax their body. Massage is related to health & fitness, and also heal stress, so few people consulting massage therapists nowadays. brings a wide collection of Free & Paid iPhone apps regarding to body & mind massage to help massage therapists in their profession. These health & fitness, and reference apps offer many types of massage from around the world, how they are practiced, its advantages, therapy terminology, flshcards, dictionary and tips how to growth your business keeping customers happy.


Best iPhone Apps for Massage Therapists
Name Price
Massage Therapy 101
Version 1.0 | Books
Nothing relieves stress and revives the soul like a great massage. This fascinating book looks at t...
Arete Massager
Version 1.2.1 | Health & fitness
Finally! a massager app for iPhone! Now you can have your own personal massager in cellphone!...
Version 1.1 | Medical
Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enha...
Brain Massage Subliminal Sound Pro
Version 1.1 | Reference
The Pro Version contains 9 Beautiful recorded sound environments - -No Advertisement -Supports Mu...
Massage & Spa
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
The Massage & Spa app is uses the iPhone's vibration to provided you with relaxing massage. simply o...
Beauty Massager
Version 1.0 | Lifestyle
This app turn your iphone to a beauty massager, you can open this app and put the iphone on your fac...
Ayurvedic Massage - learn them for fun and health
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Ayurveda (the "science of life") or ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional medicine native to...
River Stone Massage
Version 1.0.1 | Health & fitness
River Stone Massage 1) BASICS Ancient civilizations believed that hot stones were beneficial in...
Massage Therapy - Complete Guide
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Discover the Relaxing Power of Massage Therapy! Massage therapy is a natural approac...
Massage Map 3D
Version 1.8 | Health & fitness
Acupressure is a form of massage based on acupuncture points. Ancient Chinese found that stimulat...
Therapeutic massage for babies and children
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Medical studies have demonstrated that massage improves breathing and skin flexibility, as well as a...
ayAPop Massager
Version 1.1.1 | Health & fitness
ayAPop Massager It is a massage application that uses vibration. It is not possible to use it with...
Massage Professional
Version 1.2 | Business
Massage Professional is the app you need to run your own massage business! It features the tools for...
Massage Relax Touch - Soothing Massager & Relaxing Pleasure
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Massage has an unlimited number of benefits that can touch each person individually. Massage Rela...
Version 1.0 | Medical
MassageMaster is based on Massage Skill. This app can be used by professional massage artists to ...
Mobile Massage
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Did you ever want a 24/7-massage partner? Well now you can have it with Mobile Massage!!! Turn your...
Head Massage Map
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Massage has a long history in China. Ancient Chinese found that there are special points on human bo...
Pet's Massager
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Pet's Massager the master massager help your pets to relax. 4 different vibration modes to enjoy you...
Massage Skills Pro
Version 2.1 | Medical
Get Massage and feel relax with Massage Skills Pro. It is a professional Massage Application whic...
Massage Therapy - How to Make a Lucrative Living as a Massage Therapist
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Discover How You Can Start Your Own Business As A Massage Therapist! Do you know what it takes to b...
Learn Massage.
Version 1 | Health & fitness
A collection of 20 video lessons on the art of massage. This collection covers many of the topics y...
Massage Parlor & Spa Finder
Version 1.2 | Health & fitness
Use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to find Massage Parlors and Spa`s around the Country. Over 35,00...
Learn Massage Tips
Version ver1.0 | Education
Learn Massage is the application that provide the information for Body Massage. The main features o...