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A person who is a specialist or engaged / learned in philosophy can be called as a Philosopher. The study of philosophy includes general as well as fundamental problems related to knowledge, existence, reason, language, etc. In other way, philosophy can also be expressed as a way of thinking about people and about the world. A philosopher is a person whose life is always engaged in getting the answers to the questions of life. offers the most unique applications on Philosophers, which allows the users to get inspirational quotes and ideas from the famous Philosophers. Just use these Philosophers iPhone apps anywhere, anytime in order to keep yourself completely updated through the concept of Philosophy.

Best iPhone Apps for Philosophers
Name Price
Socrates (with search)
Version 3.0.3 | Education
Now you can use the application on iPad in full screen! The application has become a universal! Yo...
Words of Philosophy
Version 1.0 | Education
WORDS OF PHILOSOPHY More than 750 quotes from philosophers about life, god, politics and other topic...
Version 1.0 | Education
A searchable dictionary of philosophy, with in-depth definitions for over 350 terms! • Everyt...
Encyclopedia of Philosophers & Philosophy
Version 1.0 | Education
Encyclopedia of Philosophers & Philosophy ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆&...
Confucius Quotes
Version v 1.0 | Education
★ ★ CONFUCIUS QUOTES ★ ★ "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a singl...
Version 1.0.1 | Education
The World's Greatest Philosophers life, photo, studies and quotes....
Philosophy Bites- Bite-sized Philosophy Topics
Version 1.9.9 | Education
This is the most convenient way to access Philosophy Bites on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. You're ...
All Quotes Philosophy
Version 1.0 | Books
All Quotes Philosophy...
The History of Philosophy in Islam
Version 1.2 | Books
The History of Philosophy in Islam by T. J. De Boer A short summary of the flowering of Islamic phi...
Philosophy Book
Version 1.2 | Books
Welcome to this application-a collection of philosophy books. They cover a huge range of continuing ...
Top Books for you
Version 1.1 | Books
Do you love exploring the world via pages of books? Or you need to cram for important exams? Do you ...
Crystal Wisdom - philosophy
Version 1.0 | Health & fitness
Call upon wisdom! Rub the crystal wisdom. An answer will appear and will help you in your choice. Yo...
Relaxation Philosophy Yellow
Version 1.0 | Entertainment
As yellow version of the manuscript Beyond age greats, successful characteres to you Somerset Maugh...
Version 1.3 | Education
Enjoy inspirational quotes and transformational Big Ideas from 100 of the greatest optimal living bo...
Initiation into Philosophy
Version 1 | Reference
A fantastic look at the whole history of Philosophy from ancient times up to the beginnings of moder...
An Introduction To Philosophy-G. S. Fullerton
Version 1.0 | Education
A fascinating introduction to philosophical thought, including a brief look at the history of philos...
Philosophy - The Essential Collection
Version 2.3 | Books
Philosophy is inescapable and you can find more of your favorite authors and books from this appl...
A Short History of Greek Philosophy by John Marshall
Version 1 | Reference
A concise but fairly extensive overview of the major philosophers and philosophical schools of Ancie...