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Magic has been claimed to be an art of unusual aspects, supernatural powers or any paranormal activities that are unknown to science. But here, at, the main objective of Magic is to provide lots of amusement and excitement to all its users with the help of Magic Apps for iPhone. Enjoy an extensive collection of iPhone Magic Apps that includes Mathematical Magic, Magic Ink, Magic Symbol, Magic Mirror, Magic AlarmClock and lots more. With the help of these Magical iPhone Apps, everyone can enjoy adding colors to images or make funny pictures, create innovative artwork, perform magical tricks like professional magicians etc. Amaze your friends, relatives and colleagues by downloading these best Magic Apps on your iPhone. Experience a unique way of interacting with the magical world through these iPhone Apps.

iPhone Magic Apps
Name Rating Price
Magical Venice
Version 1.1 | ShineApps
Experience the color and culture of Venice as only a Venetian can, in all of its intimate daily nuan...
Version 1.2 | Digital Hot Sauce
Are you a super Magic Trick fan? Then this is the app for you! Tons of Magic Tricks explained, p...
GuruBear The Magic Book
Version 1.0 | AppleTreeApp
Fantastic multimedia picture books bring children a new reading experience! Adapted from th...
House Rulez - Magic Television Lite
Version 1.01 | (c)MindPol
This is the lite version of House Rulez - Magic Television!!! House/Electronic musician Houserulez'...
Version 1.0 | mrys SOFTWARE - Marco Rey y Sander
MagicConnect give you the opportunity to create a database of SMS commands to control GSM-Module and...
Version 1.02 | softhub
AeroMagic is an application for hobby pilots. It supports in flight planning by giving a brief overv...
Version 1.1 | SmartCast GmbH
MagicStar Radio...
3D Magic Photo Box
Version 1.0 | Alien Power Studio
Attention:Red/Blue Glasses are required to view the app ( red on left,blue on right ). It can...
FX Magic
Version 1.1.1 | Audacity Software Pte. Ltd.
Spice up your photos with FX Magic for the iPhone/iPod touch. This app comes with a variety of fun p...
Tome of Magic
Version 1.2 | Alex Lind
Tome of Magic is an iOS application that allows you to easily search and view cards from the Magic: ...
Magic Zither
Version 2.2 | MEET Studio
What is Magic Zither all about? Magic, miracle and full of imagination... Zither, a Chine...
Magic 106.5
Version 2.1.1 | AirKast, Inc.
Magic 106.5 has made it even easier to listen live. But, more than that, you can check out lyrics as...
Kalimba by Magictime
Version 1.0 | magictime apps
Play this traditional African instrument on your iPhone. Kalimba has a magical and beautiful sound....
The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo
Version 3.0.2 | Iceberg Reader
The Magician's Elephant Kate DiCamillo Candlewick September 8 2009 ...
Magic Kingdom Map & More
Version 1.00.00 |
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Map & More! This app provides a comprehensive high resolution Mag...
Magic 98.5
Version 2.1.2 | AirKast, Inc.
MAGIC 98.5 has made it even easier to listen live to the Best of the 60's & 70's. You can check out ...
Tempo Magic Lite
Version 1.1.0 | lolo
Change the BPM of your music! Perfect for DJs, Fitness Professionals, Runners, Cyclists, Music Lover...
Magic 100.9
Version 4.0 | SurferNETWORK
WAKB FM - Magic 100.9 - Augusta, GA's Old School & New School Station!!...
Draw Magic
Version 1.0 | aone
the most fun you can have with your finger! - the funny way to create drawing with LIGHT GLOW ef...
Magic card Tricks Revealed!
Version 1.0 | Easysource Hong Kong
A collection of 20 video lessons and demonstrations on Magic Card Tricks Revealed! Here are some su...
Magic Call
Version 1.0 | PT Prima Teknologi
Magic Call – a fake call generator which allows you to stimulate incoming phone calls from the...
SailMagic PY
Version 1.0 | Harry Pynn
SailMagic PY is a utility application to assist in calculating corrected times in sailing boat handi...
Ojo Magico
Version 1.0 | Imanol Fernandez
Ojo Magico is an mobile digital advertising platform and a augmented reality browser application tha...
House Rulez - Magic Television
Version 1.01 | (c)MindPol
House/Electronic musician Houserulez's 3rd album, "Magic Television", is now in the iPhone! THIS IS ...
Bedtime Stories Alive 1 - The Magic Key
Version 1.0 | iCrysta
Bedtime Stories Alive 1 - The Magic Key Interactive Adventure Book for Boy's and Girl's! Jump into...
Version 1.3.2 | Ruslan Shakirov
Tired of your iPhone’s “camera”? Wouldn’t you like something more out of you...
Earth Magic-Sacred Rituals for Connecting to Nature's Power-Starhawk
Version 4.0 | i-mobilize, inc.
Bestselling author Starhawk has reached across barriers of skepticism and orthodoxy to initiate thou...
Magic Tricks - Beginner's Guide
Version 1.0 | AppWarrior
Is it the mystery? Is it the glamour? Or is it the memories conjured up by that man in the black c...
Version 1.0 | Mtrix co.
iPhone of the hatchet is to megaphone the high performance voice conversion and ..quick change.. ...
Version 1.3 | Contradictory
Magic Eye is a series of books published by N.E. Thing Enterprises (renamed in 1996 to Magic Eye Inc...
VMKMagic News
Version 1.1 | Center Designs
This app brings the latest VMKMagic news straight to your iPhone....
Magic illusion Lite
Version 1.0.0 | LiamDream
Who told you your eyes can't play tricks on you? Seeing is NOT believing! Illusions is an incredibl...
Magic illusion
Version 1.0.0 | LiamDream
Who told you your eyes can't play tricks on you? Seeing is NOT believing! Illusions is an incredi...
MagicBoard Mini
Version 1.0 | bismark
Application that simulates magnet board that can be rewritten many times. The picture can be erased ...
Card Magic Trick
Version 1.0 | FlipJoy
Impress all your friends with your new magic trick! This trick is easy to master, and very clear to ...
Magic Beans
Version 1.2.4 | AisleBuyer LLC
Boston’s favorite toy and baby gear store is revolutionizing retail with the first ever mobile...
Bubble Magic
Version 1.3 | Squishy Things Inc.
****** FREE UNTIL AUGUST 16 ****** Pop! Pop! Pop! Blow bubbles with your fingers and then tap to po...
Magic Shine
Version 1.4 | John Humphries
Cool and easy to use flashlight app Has 15 colors, more to come! Soon: Use your iPhone 4's flash!...
Magic Web Color Card
Version 1.0 | Cui Zhen
Magic Web Color Card shows all colors you need in web develop, it's very simple and useful, just try...
Clock Magic
Version 1.0 | Altan Odabasi
A beautiful, customizable, magically transforming analog clock. Included twenty professionally taken...
Version 1.0 | joypiece
Tired of what you look like? Wonder to see the picture if you were a panda? Or even curious about t...
Version 1.0 |
FilterMagic produce amazing photoes for you iphone or ipod device. There are 7 filters you can pick...
French - English Magic Verb Tables with LearnBots®
Version 2.1.0 | Tsunarmi Systems SL
This App teaches the most important verbs and their key conjugations in a fast, fun and effective wa...
Magic Selection
Version 1.0 | Edward Chapkis
Magic Selection is very convenient application that turns you iPhone into a great image processing a...
Magic Paint with iAd
Version 1.0 | Ultie, Inc.
magic paint with your fingers! Try a few minutes, and you will fall in love with it!...
Bottle Cap = Charming Magic No.4 =
Version v.1.2 | ZeroOne MIA Inc.
The Fourth on the line up is the 'Bottle Cap' You can show off to your friends using this delightf...
Magic Artist
Version 1.0 | Outer Court
Snap a photo or load any picture from your album... and see it being painted right before your eyes!...
iMagicSchool pack1
Version 1.2 | P-O-M apps
Welcome to iMagicSchool ! Your way to become an expert magician. iMagicSchool will teach you to perf...
iMagicSchool basics
Version 1.3 | P-O-M apps
Welcome to iMagicSchool ! Your way to become an expert magician. iMagicSchool will teach you to perf...
ALL-IN-1 Magic Stereogram box
Version 1.0 | DigPlay
Prepare to be amazed! Inside this app you will find many of the world's most powerfully psychedelic ...
Magic Orbs
Version 1.0 | iMouse
What to do next? Find out what the Magic Orbs tell. Tips: 1)Tap the Magic Orbs. 2)The Magic Orbs fe...
Pick Up Girls With Magic
Version 1.0 | ZZZ
Teach you how to pick up girls with magic...
Magic Receipt
Version 1.5 | mobi jay
Make your own custom receipt with Magic Receipt app! It works simply, enter the text and save it ...
Version 2.1 | Carl R Andrews, Inc.
A Professional Magic Application Introductory Price! There are three reasons why this App is not f...
IMX 2011 - International Magic Experience
Version 2.1 | IMX
IMX 2011 brings together the world’s greatest performers in 3 days of non-stop magic – i...
Magic Sing (Song Index)
Version 1.4 | Limacon
XTreme Magic Sing is a videoke microphone product by EnterTech (widely popular among Filipino commun...
Awesome Face Magic!
Version 1.0 | aone
Tired of what you look like? Wonder to see the picture if you were a panda? Or even curious about t...
MagicNumber: Where is New Horizons Now?
Version 1.6 | Wang Chun
MagicNumber is an app that lets you track New Horizons probe, NASA’s Pluto-Kuiper Belt mission...
Magic Russian - Korean - Russian Dictionary
Version 2.3.2 | Xisen Science Technology Co., Ltd
The Combined All in One Magic Russian-Korean and Korean-Russian Dictionary for iPhone/iPod Touch....
Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
Version 1.0.6 | POOL Inc.
Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue for Japan...
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