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Free NumberOne Brain iPhone App & Review

Release Date: 2013-02-26
Version: 1.7
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(Age Rating: 4+)
Category: Games iPhone Apps Publisher: Neotko Studios SL
Languages: English File Size: 43.6 MB

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

NumberOne Brain Screenshots:
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About NumberOne Brain:

NumberOne Brain is one of the best brain teaser game for iPhone. You are given a number and you have to find out it as fast as possible. The batter you find it, the harder game will be for you. But when you miss number you will lose second. As you keep giving correct ones, you will get time bonus. Get second extra every 5 correct and 5 seconds extra every 10. You can make competition with your friends via Game-center leader-board. Share your scores with your friends on Twitter & Facebook. There are the Hardmode with a x70 combo in Normal Mode to unlock and also get three new modes. Experience great new background music for Chaos Modes. You can tap over the any mode if you can't unlock it.

Feb 27 '13
V1.7, Free
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NumberOne Brain What's New:
Update exclusive for iOS users!
- NumberOne now records your statistics!
- New Mode 'Survival'
- Better access to options via 'Menu' on mainscreen.
- New and fun mode to unlock
- You can turn the 'grading' OFF on the Menu-Options
- Little fixes to highscores.
(Remember to play any mode if you have all the modes unlock or you bough any mode, that will unlock Survival) - We will correct this on next update
More info:
Statistics. Go to Menu - Statistics to access your progress.
New Survival Mode! - You will have 5 seconds to press the correct number, one mistake and you are out. After a number of correct 'taps' the pieces will change. How many right hits will you get without any mistake?.
How to Unlock Survival Mode - Unlock all the modes or buy any paid mode (Go to Menu - Shop)
Check your progress along the time and try to improve each day.
Thanks for enjoying NumberOne!
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NumberOne Brain
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