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Search for tons of useful & cool apps here at with Passcode iPhone Apps. Every single application listed here for Passcode, allows the users to protect their device and personal built-in apps with password protection. As desktop software, Passcode Apps for iPhone works with wireless synchronization and provides convenient safety. Make your iPhone or iPod Touch handy for anyone with these applications. Now you can store any of your personal images, apps and videos within your handheld device and lock it with Passcode iPhone application software’s. Protect your much sensitive files from friends & family by having varieties of controls like parental system, text blocking, safe web surfing and lots more. These are highly defined & most secure password management applications that will accurately help as well as assist in encrypting all your data!

iPhone Passcode Apps
Name Rating Price
Photo Secret Lite - Hide your photos with Passcode Lock and Coverflow
Version 1.3 | zhang yan
Passwords Lite - Random Password Keycode Passphrase Generator
Version 2.1 | iDevver
Ever needed to think of a password? Be it 4 letters or 34** letters long? Numbers, Uppercase, Lowerc...
Easy To Remember Passwords
Version 1.0.1 | Plazor
Easy To Remember Passwords (E.T.R.P.) is a different approach to passwords and storage. OVERVIEW: E...
Version 1.0.2 | Sheridan Programmers Guild
Focus on your patients, not your passwords! Ever draw a blank on a password just when you needed t...
Password Memory - Premium
Version 1.7 | Team Union
"Password Memory" provide function for storage and management to ID&Password of WebSite. also "PW M...
i'm Password Generator
Version 1.1 |
Are you often bothered to set passwords? use the same password wherever it is required? how unsafty!...
i'm Password Manager
Version 2.5 |
Too many passwords need to remember? Always using one same password is not safe, while setting up d...
Password Pouch
Version 1.2 | tinoak
A simple application to keep all your passwords and usernames in one convenient place. Organize your...
Password Creator
Version 1.0 | Edwin Moewis
Password Generator With this simple password generator it is easy to generate unique passwords for ...
Password Dog
Version 1.0 | Alletsian
Password Dog is a password management app for everyone. Especially those who love dogs! It feature...
Glyph Password Pro
Version 1.2 | MWPowerLab srl
Using Glyph Password you will no longer need to use the old post-it to annotate your secret codes or...
Password Factory
Version 1.0 | Ellami Ltd
The Password Factory creates secure passwords for use on the internet at home or at work. The Passwo...
Password Safe - iPassSafe
Version 4.20 | Netanel Software
iPassSafe provides excellence in data security together with highly intelligent human interface to m...
Version 1.0 | Cocoon
Password generator takes over the chore of constantly having to come up with unique passwords....
Version 1.2 | Michael Northwood
PasswordGen is a free password Generator that allows you to generate a completely random password up...
Ultimate Password Manager Free
Version | Jean-Francois Martin
This is a the free version of Ultimate Password Manager 3.0. The free version has the following limi...
RPG Lite (Random Password Generator)
Version 1.2.4 | Photility
RPG is the Randomized Password Generator. Use RPG to get a strong and secure password to protect y...
TopSecure - Password Manager
Version 3.2 | Green Onion Software Co., Ltd.
★★★★★ Free desktop backup/restore utility & Remote-Destroy your data w...
Titanium Password Manager
Version 1.0 | Nicolaj Petersen
Do you use the same password multiple places? Is it difficult to choose a good password for a new w...
Password Protector Full
Version 1.0 | XS Force
A simple app that allows you to securely keep your passwords for easy access. once logged into the ...
Version 1.0 | Heiko Hufnagl
Keep your passwords safe in a comfortable and modern way. Features: - Gesture login, no need to typ...
Secure Password
Version 1.0 | Andrew Weekes
Secure Password is designed to make all of your information as secure as it can be. If you want to ...
Version 1.2 | Jeff Clement
PasswordCard lets you pick very secure passwords for all your websites, without having to remember t...
eyeD™ Biometric Password Manager
Version 2.0 | Winkpass Creations, Inc.
World's first true iris scanner for your phone! YOU are the password with eyeD™! Scan your ey...
Password Maneger
Version 1.1 | EmpoweredDesignApps
★★★★★ Password Manager saves all your passwords and information! The ...
Password Keeper
Version v3.02 | Stanley Wilde
Password Keeper, from Wilde One Software, provides the ability to maintain your userids and password...
Password Keeper with Face Recognition
Version 1.1 | G.P. Imports, Inc.
Your private files can be secured by face recognition! yes, finally! You will not believe this app...
PasswordApp Free
Version 1.2 | Ed Rowley
Safe, Secure and Simple PasswordApp Free is a free version of the popular PasswordApp. In the past ...
iPIN Lite - Secure PIN & Password Safe
Version 2.11 | Frank Möller
You have to remember several PINs and passwords? For various credit cards, online-banking, security-...
Color Password
Version 1.03 | JFDP Labs
Welcome to the safest place on earth where to store your passwords and any other secret/private data...
Passwords And Pins
Version 1.05 | Motörcode
Nowadays everyone who is online almost has as many passwords, PINs and codes as there are password m...
Cryptical Pro - Password Generator
Version 2.1.1 | Appetible
Cryptical Pro is a full-featured password generator aimed at system administrators and users that re...
SMS PASSCODE for iPad Receiver
Version 1.1 | SMS PASSCODE A/S
This SMS PASSCODE® application enable you to securely login with the Citrix Receiver for iPad a...
Mnemosyne Lite Password Manager
Version 1.0 | Stefan Keller
Mnemosyne Lite is a super-safe password manager: Passwords are never stored to disk, they are (re)ge...
mSecure - Password Manager
Version 3.1.5 | mSeven Software LLC
mSecure is playing the role of password and data manager that can be used to store information on...
iSecure™ Password Pictures and Data Vault
Version 2.4.8 | Fiducia Corp
The only encrypted Password Vault that manages your important information including Passwords, Conta...
Readable Password Generator
Version 1.1 |
“Readable Password Generator” is probably the first application has two options that all...
a Password Generator
Version 1.0 | Isayonline Services
Because security matters : protect your datas and accounts from thieves and hackers. Create highly s...
Password Inspiration
Version 1.6 |
Need a creative easy to remember and secure password? Click "Generate Password" and you have one. R...
Password Cube
Version 1.2 | feather software
Password Cube is a simple tool that helps you organize passwords and PIN codes, such as email accoun...
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