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The Quran is a Holy Book of Muslims, which include the detailed central religious text of Islamism. offers the millions of readers with Quran iPhone Apps that provides them with Holy Quran for reading and enchanting, in a very unique and easy way. These iPhone apps are designed specially for creating tradition in the mind and heart of person reading it, so its interface is designed much user-friendly that gives the impression that you are really holding the real Quran. There are varieties of iPhone Apps for Quran available here that delivers the users with immense knowledge and reference for their caste & religion. The users are able to read whole Quran chants with complete meaning of it through various Quran Dictionaries applications. Go Religious, Be Religious, Read Quran!!!
iPhone Quran Apps
Name Rating Price
Holy Quran English
Version 1.3 | Inspiration Ineractive Web and Mobile Technologies
Holy Quran English Translation Read and Listen Features - Complete Quran arabic text and detailed E...
ezQuran - Easy Read Quran
Version 1.0 | Shihab Hamid
Just in time for Ramadan! The easy to read South African / Subcontinental Arabic 13-line Quran is n...
Daily Quran
Version 1.6 | Infinite Monkeys
Al-hamdu lilLah, We are blessed to have the teachings of the Holy Qur'an. This mobile app allows us ...
preschool Quran
Version 1 | Abdulla J. Alkuwaiti
Teaches Kids how to recite the Holy Quran...
Learn English Reading The Quran - Free version
Version 1.0 | Vocab AB
Learn English with the Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader! You always wanted to study English, but ne...
Learn English Reading The Quran
Version 1.0 | Vocab AB
Learn English with the Karaoke4English Audiobook Reader! You always wanted to study English, but ne...
eQuran Lite
The Holy Qur'an is a timeless book that illuminates various topics from diverse vantage points, each...
Holy Quran Memorizing Part 30
Version 1.0 | TOP&BEST
Quran Hakeem in Qaloon Script
Version 2.3.9 | SHL Info Systems
ntroduction: SHL Info systems brings you Quran Hakeem in Qaloon Script right on your iPhone and iPo...
Quran Majeed - Sheikh Huzaifi
Version 1.4.3 | PakData
★★★ This app contains full recitation of Sheikh Al-Huzaifi (no download is needed ...
The Holy Quran
Version 1.0 | Pe Soft
The Holy Quran is a compilation of the verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad over a ...
iSalam: Quran Hadith & Qiblah Compass
Version 2.0 | iSalam
iSalam is an ultimate app that offers a collection of diverse & interactive Islamic tools including ...
Quran Majeed - Sheikh Sudays & Shraym
Version 1.4.3 | PakData
★★★ This app contains full recitation of Sheikh As-Sudays & As-Shraym (no download...
Quran Stories
Version 1.2 |
All Praise is due to Allah(Swt) and much peace and many blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah (Mu...
Quran Kareem 16 Line
Version 2.3.8 | SHL Info Systems
Introduction: SHL Info systems brings you Quran Kareem 16 Line for Urdu and Persian readers right o...
Quran Dictionary
Version 1.0 | PakData
Quran Dictionary is a software to look at the meaning of Quran words in English. User can search ...
quran arabic english
Version 1.0 | pernilla
quran arabic english, is a simple easy to use quran translated in english. Features 1- Easy to find...
Islamic Books Collection (Hadith Quran Islam)
Version 1.0 | Irfan Farooqi
This application provides a complete set of eight authentic islamic books including Hadeeth Sahih Bu...
Quran Text Liner 15
Version 0.0.1 | Saeed Hamid
Asslaamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakaatuhu Yaa Akhi wa Ukhtiuddeen!!! I present to you the Quran Tex...
Quran Study Workbook Lite
Version 1.0 | Magnicode Inc.
* The LITE version provides 6 Surahs only. * The LITE version has all the functionality av...
Al Quran Digital
Version 1.0 | Makrif Faturohman
Al Quran Digital Versi 1.0...
Quran Majeed Free
Version 1 | wiky
Latest Quran Majeed software for iPhone and iPad. Quran Majeed Lite Version features: Complete Qura...
Online Quran Tutor
Version 1.0 | Globosoft Technologies
It's an online Quran Tutoring Academy. We have excellent programs that enable kids, adults and new M...
Listen The Holy Quran ( Koran ) Recitation
Version 1.919191919 |
Listen The Holy Quran ( Koran ) Recitation. 22 suras are already loaded into the App...
Quran Reader
Version 3.0.2 | Batoul Apps
Quran Reader 2 is topmost Quran app for the iPhone and iPod Touch . It is created by scratch Qura...
iQuran Pro
Version 3.1.3 | Guided Ways Technologies Ltd
50% OFF - RAMADAN SPECIALiOS 4.0 Multi-tasking enabled version is in development iQ...
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