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Rocket Project iPhone App & Review

Release Date: 2010-06-08
Version: 1.4
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(Age Rating: 4+)
Category: Productivity iPhone Apps Publisher: Little Red Rocket Ltd
Languages: English File Size: 1.5 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Rocket Project Screenshots:
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About Rocket Project:
Next-generation in group & personal task management, “to dos” & getting things done

Rocket Project is an outstanding tool for managing your own tasks, but, where it excels, is in delegation & management of tasks across multiple iPhone & iPad devices. Rocket Project is intelligent, clean design with fast, compact functionality. It is pioneering in that it combines the most positive features of existing market leaders & also contains the key tools that users have been screaming for! See more link

Personal features - Rocket Project has the essence of simplicity & functionality as its defining rule.
You can make it as simple or complex as you like. It has logical standard default settings throughout to avoid unnecessary demands to select options at every step. However, it retains flexibility so that you can tailor options when you want to. Surprisingly, few task tools have advance planning reminders. Rocket Project nudges you in advance by allowing you to set a date for the task to ‘show’ in your “today’s” tasks ahead of the due date & also allows a flexible push ‘alarm’ final reminder.

See Video demonstrating Rocket Project on our website (flash video does not play from iPhone)

Group features - task delegation across multiple iPhone, iPad & iPod devices (also functionality to PCs & Macs)
Rocket Project’s groundbreaking tool has a unique tracking process for management purposes. No other known application provides you with the tools to track your own & delegated tasks all the way through to completion. Rocket Project informs you if the delegated task has been accepted by the person it’s sent to. It adds tasks into your master management list itemized with who you have delegated it to & the due date. It gives you the management option to set an advance notification reminder & also a push alarm to alert you that their task is overdue. Rocket Project also informs you if they have done the task & when, gives you the option to chase & then allows you an option to retain a record of this

See our website for details of the group features & also scroll down to see a series of screenshots & video

Excellent for : Personal “to dos”, project management, team management, event organizing, wedding planning, business, personal management, family management, group co-ordination, team coaching

Rocket Project features:
* Make it as simple or complex as you like
* Logical default settings throughout to avoid unnecessary demands to set options
* A full range of easy-select options when you want to tailor the system
* Super simple task-set without selecting any options, not even a due date
* Push ‘Alarm’ can be set for any day or time. Ideal for meeting/event reminders
* Advance preparation reminder for task prior to due date. Select date task ‘shows’ in your ‘today’s’ task-list
* Auto-repeat task set up in one action
* Put off task with a single click
* Keep journal of completed tasks, who & when. Useful for reporting
* Prioritization option to make important tasks come to the top of a task-list
* Notes – add notes to your tasks

* Pioneering team delegation to multiple iphone users
- Maintains team management master-list of who delegated to & when due
- Recipient of task has option to accept or reject task. ‘Master’ can auto-update master-list
- Non Rocket Project users receive email of task that enters as a task onto master-list
- ‘Master’ is notified when task is complete
- Master-list maintains a reporting journal of who completed task when
- Reminders can be set for due date of delegated tasks for management purposes
- Choice of push alarms or / & advance notification
- Can send update to chase tasks
- Can send notes
- Can set up a project as a person so you can see all the tasks delegated to that person

See group features in detail, video & also pictorial explanation of icons & screen shots on our website
N.B. Video does not play from iPhone
Nov 29 '10
1.4 Version
Aug 28 '10
$9.99 - $3.99 1.3V
Jun 09 '10
V1.0, $9.99
Rocket Project What's New:
IOS 4.2 Compatibility
Local push notifications
Improved date formatting
Minor bug fixes

Rocket Project App Reviews

This is a much...! by Jay Robinson
This is a much better app than I envisaged, its really professional & fast, & has great managment tools. I am using it on my team & the amazing thing is that they now seem to thinks its fun getting a task from me, & compete sending back that they've done it!!
Rocket Project
Price: $3.99
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