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Asian Market Shopper
Version 1.0 | Chronicle Books
Ingredients are most import for any cuisine. If you want to make Asian cuisine then keep this res...
German/French - Shopping & Restaurant by Memory...
Version 2.1.1 | LearnLift
Learn French vocabulary in a flash! MemoryLifter for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is an innova...
Catch Me If You Can! (Level 1 – Shopping)
Version 2.0 | Tiny Watt Games, LLC
Catch Me If You Can! is a Tiny Watt Games series for school aged kids or adults with some knowledge ...
Shopping Notes
Version 1.1 | dotstripes
Plan your shopping list! Be organized and efficient at the supermarket. With this application, you ...
Best Buy Reward Zone
Version 1.7 | Best Buy Co.
A leading retailer of consumer electronics in the United State is now arrived to your iPhone and ...
Barcelona Shopping Guide
Version 1.1 | Appsters Co
Barcelona Shopping Guide...
Bangkok Shopping Guide
Version 1.1 | Appsters Co
Bangkok Shopping Guide...
Interest In Shopping
Version 1.0.2 | James T Bosler
An amazing new app such as you’ve never seen before, Interest In Shopping,TM can save you hund...
Shopping Lane Picker PRO
Version 1.0 | Austin Laszewski
Are you the person that always gets stuck in the wrong shopping lane? Even when you pick a lane with...
iAd Gallery
Version 1.0 | Apple®
Of course, both our time and money are valuable and that's why before shopping we prefer to see a...
Smart Shopping List A LA CARTE
Version 5.6.2 | Decimal Software, LLC
Very easy to use shopping list app for planning your next shopping trip or create an ad hoc shopping...
Amsterdam Shopping Guide
Version 1.1 | Appsters Co
Amsterdam is the city of antiques, books, diamonds, and curiosities. In general, shop-opening hours ...
Istanbul Shopping Guide
Version 1.0 | Appsters Co
Old, new, exotic, mundane, antique, kitsch. With our app you will find the 50 most popular shops an...
Hong Kong Shopping Guide
Version 1.0 | Appsters Co
You'll find many sales in and around Central on Hong Kong Island and limitless bargains in Mondkok (...
Budapest Shopping Guide
Version 1.0 | Appsters Co
Prices for goods are lower than in Western Europe or the US. With our app you will find the 50 most ...
Berlin Shopping Guide
Version 1.0 | Appsters Co
Berlin is one of Europe's best kept secrets when it comes to shopping destinations. It's a big city ...
Version 1.0.0 | Youssef Mehamed
Thinking of buying a new TV? Or do you want a smartphone and do not you decide what to buy? goShoppi...
Babies R Us Shopping
Version 2.0 | Toys"R"Us
Shop-on-the-go with the Babies”R”Us iPhone application! Browse and search our online cat...
JoJo's Shopping List
Version 1.01 | Barnaby Norman
Manage your shopping lists, giving each shopping item a price and location where to find it (store /...
LiShop (Remember shopping)
Version 1.3 | Dani Vela
Simple shopping list app. You can manage articles, categories and containers. With this applicatio...
Happy Shopping List
Version 1.0.0 | Neal Zhang
A Nice Shopping List App !!! Make your shopping easier and sweeter. Features Of The App: 1.Simple ...
Freddie Shopping Lite
Version 1.0 | Abedini Corp
We do not ask you to think like our program but the program tries to do like you do. 
Shoppy ~ Grocery shopping made easy
Version 1.1 | Tinybird Interactive AB
Simplicity Have you tried grocery shopping apps on your iPhone and felt that they get in your way? E...
Your Shopping List
Version 1.1 | SillyApps
The shopping list app that everybody knows how to use. This is a beautiful shopping list that you u...
Kamonohashikamo Shopping list
Version 1.0 | Imagineer Co.,Ltd.
Kamonohashikamo Shopping List Kamonohashikamo Shopping List is a convenient shopping list app that ...
Budget Shopping Locator
Version 1.1 | MapMuse
Are you a shopaholic who loves to find a great bargain while on travel? Or do you appreciate the co...
Google Shopper
Version 1.0 | Google
Google wants to make your shopping easier than before and so it brings Google Shopper for your iP...
ItSpot Ottawa Social Shopping
Version 1.41 | ItSpot
Shopping for a great find in Ottawa? See what people are buying at stores near you! ItSpot is a comm...
ItSpot Edmonton Social Shopping
Version 1.41 | ItSpot
Shopping for a great find in Edmonton? See what people are buying at stores near you! ItSpot is a co...
ItSpot Calgary Social Shopping
Version 1.41 | ItSpot
Shopping for a great find in Calgary? See what people are buying at stores near you! ItSpot is a com...
Shopping Lists
Version 1.1 | iMomentous
Shop List I phone application allows multiple Users to store and maintain their shopping lists. The ...
iShopList (my personal list)
Version 2.0 | Fabio Ianniciello
iShopList (my shopping list) Tired of making cards that inevitably get lost or get ...
Buenos Aires Shopping Guide
Version 1.1 | Digi-Guide
Buenos Aires Shopping Guide (English, Español, Português) including : - Buenos Aires Map a...
Pioneer Woman
Version 5.5 | MWFPRO
NOWEnter to win, when the Pioneer Woman does contests! Pioneer Woman will give you ...
Every Shopping List
Version 1.1.3 | Tomohisa Ishibashi
"Every Shopping List" is a simple shopping list. "Daily List" helps your everyday shopping, and "Wis...
Version 1.3.3 | Zappli
myShopanion is one of the most comprehensive and the ultimate social shopping application designe...
Version 4.0 | ezShop
Grocery Shopping for Pick up in San Antonio, Texas...
Best Cyber Monday Deals
Version 2.1 | RV AppStudios LLC
Introducing CyberMonday Deals 2011 by specially designed for this day. 
Version v4.08 | Cylineasoft
SHOPPING LIST allows you to create a simple, fast and user friendly shopping list (for all your s...
Version 1.0 | UbiNov
FastShopping is a fast and simple shopping list manager. Build your list in the "Create list" tab, d...
The Shopping List
Version 3.0.5 | Stian Strom
The Shopping List is a stylish and easy to use shopping list application for your iOS device. --- ...
Light List - the fast shopping list
Version 1.0 | ludw design & web
Light List is a really fast shopping list. It starts almost instantly and adding items is super fast...
Version 3.0 | CheckPoints
Earn points by scanning products in your nearby store and get instant reward for it with CheckPoi...
Green Egg Shopper - Shopping List
Version 1.2 | Wise Banyan Tree Ltd
Never throw away any food on missing the useby date. A comprehensive shopping list app with solid bu...
Green Egg Shopper Lite - Shopping List
Version 1.2 | Wise Banyan Tree Ltd
Never throw away any food on missing the useby date. A comprehensive shopping list app with solid bu...
Shopping and Outlet Malls Locator
Version 1.0 | MapMuse
Are you a shopaholic who loves to shop while on travel? Or do you appreciate the convenience of com...
Payless ShoeSource
Version 1.3 | Payless ShoeSource
Waiting around for the latest trends to go on sale is so last season. With the Payless app, now y...
My Shopping Lists
Version 2.1.2 |
My Shopping Lists makes shopping much faster and helps you save money. - Organize shopping lists by...
CompareMe Shopping Utility
Version 2.3.2 | codedifferent
Every penny is important in current hard economy. If you want to manage your budget perfectly the...
ItSpot Toronto Social Shopping
Version 1.30 | ItSpot
Shopping for a great find in Toronto? See what people are buying at stores near you! ItSpot is a co...
Version 1.4 | AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
Quick Shopping and TODO list
Version 1.0 | A.Kuchinsky, M.Rozenshain (CSD-TECH)
The application provides quick and easy management of shopping and to do lists. The user can store s...
My Shared Shopping List
Version 1.0 | Laub Apps
My Shopping List just works as a usual Shopping List. You write down your positions and tag them as ...
Shopping List Free (Grocery List)
Version 1.2 | hensoft
Don't waste money in shopping list app but spend this money in shopping as Shopping List Free is ...
Sephora to Go
Version 3.2 | Sephora USA, Inc.
Sephora to Go will provide all information about Sephora through fingertips. This app is used to ...
LightSpeed Mobile
Version 1.6 | Xsilva Systems, Inc.
Best way to handle own retail store. Customer is the second form of the God. Meet your customer b...
Etsy Addict
Version 1.7.3 | Daniel Dickison
Your shopping partner Etsy Addict is available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It gives you a quick...
Dream Closet
Version 2.1 | Richard Helbig
Turn wardrobe organization from a nightmare to a dream with Dream Closet. It's time to bring your...
VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance
Version 1.3.5 | Brandon Berger
Do you wanna ride in VeganXpress? Let's try it. This application gives you best guidance regardin...
Shopping List (Grocery List)
Version 1.5 | hensoft
Shopping List is faster than your note pad. On iPhone and iPod Touch, this app is very easy to us...
Version 1.2.1 | Ideas IO Ltd.
On iPhone and iPod Touch, Items is an elegant shopping list. It makes shopping easier and faster....
Version 2.5 | Inari Mobile Technologies, LLC.
Welcome to the Kicktionary! Great shoe collection with full image and description provides by Kic...
Version 1.0 | SAM MORE INC.
Shopping List for the Smart Shopper Quick, Easy and Customizable shopping list. Use the following ...
Sporty's E6B
Version 1.3.2 | Sporty's Pilot Shop
On iPhone it is based on Sporty's popular handheld E6B Electronic Flight Computer, the E6B has be...
eBay Classifieds
Version 1.2.0 | Marktplaats BV
eBay Classifieds iPhone app that allows you to watch friendly, free, local and classifieds ads fr...
Delivery Status touch, a package tracker
Version 5.0 | Junecloud LLC
All your packages are kept in track by Delivery Status touch. The main view will show the latest ...
shopkick - Just Walk In & Collect!
Version 3.6.1 | shopkick
shopkick is the best way to get available discount while shopping. You can collect "kickbucks" ju...
Version 2.2.2 | Sophiestication Software
Now on iPhone and iPod touch, Groceries is a beautiful and easy way to make and use shopping list...
CLEO goes shopping at Bugis Junction
Version 1.1 | Codigo Pte Ltd
Discover the best deals in Bugis Junction with this shopping guide. **You’ll never be a loss...
Home Shopping Notebook
Version 1.03 | TPS Inc.
Interactive home buying notebook to help track notes and photos. Create different notebooks to organ...
Version 1.3.6 | Chegg, Inc
Chegg is the handiest application for students. Both money and time are saved by it. With million...
Gas Buddy: Cheapest Gas in the US and Canada
Version 3.4.1 | Bottle Rocket
In the US and Canada, Gas Buddy is the complete source of gas prices. It is the most feature-rich...
Version 1.06 | FURUKI Eiji
uShopping is application to assist for daily shopping. You can confirm the lowest price of the produ...
Version 1.0 | NSlab
Do not forget to buy the shopping and you? This app is to prevent the application to help you remem...
Tire - Information and Shopping Guide
Version 1.0 |
Tire Information and Shopping Guide...
# Note - Shopping List
Version 1.3.2 | nrusoft
☆☆☆ Limited Time Special Price Offer for Launch. ($2.99 -> $0.99) ☆☆&#...
Version 1.0 | Cedar Creek Software
Are you fond of Chicken? If Yes then ChickSelector is very handy for you. ChickSelector is a grea...
Vogue Knitting
Version 1.0.1 | SOHO Publishing Co., LLC
Raise your knitting skill with Vogue Knitting. Vogue Knitting is now available on your iPhone or ...
iM Shopping List
Version 1.0 | Lx Apps
The best shopping list in the App Store. And FREE! FEATURES ♦ Items organized by groups (in...
Version 10.3.6 | MidCentury Software
Enjoy the ultimate shopping with Shopper. Whether you are planning your lists at home or shopping...
ExCal - Shopping Calculator
Version 1.00 | Innolab Pte Ltd
Excal is the iPhone calculator re-imagined. Adding two important functionalities. Firstly, a percent...
iSecretShop - Get Paid to Shop! Mobile Secret Shopping.
Version 2.7 | Apptivate LLC
Give. Get. Win! Say, "iSecretShop!" Install the iSecretShop app on your smart phone today and t...
Coupon Queen
Version 2.0 | Best Brands 4 Less. Inc.
With Susan Samtur's Coupon Queen Sale Finder, search your favorite grocery store. This app lets y...
TouchLife Drink Ordering
Version 1.0 | Touch Taste Technologies Inc
This app will work in CHICAGO ONLY at select bars and nightclubs. More venues are coming soon!...
iCourses Lite - Shopping List
Version 1.0.0 | iDuelz
Tired of losing or misplacing your shopping list? Or even worse, you have your list but forgot to ta...
Version 2.0.1 | Remodelista LLC
Remodelista app makes it easy to browse Remodelista's daily content such as inspiring architectur...
Shopping Cart Hero
Version 1.1.0 | MonkeyWantBanana
The Shopping Cart Hero is an addicting jumper that's perfect for any free moment. You have to upg...
Shopper Culture
Version 1.0 | Shopper Culture
Install the shopper culture application and know about the impact of shopping culture on brand st...
iCourses - Shopping List
Version 1.0.0 | iDuelz
Tired of losing or misplacing your shopping list? Or even worse, you have your list but forgot to ta...
Apple Store
Version 2.9.1 | Apple Inc.
Get the Apple Store Application on your iPhone or iPod Touch and use its all facilities through y...
Version 2.2 | Dehood, Inc.
It is social networking applications with a wealth of features that keep you connected with neigh...
Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder
Version 2.0.1 | Tiffany & Co.
The Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder app allows you to search the perfect engagement ring...
eShopping Madness
Version 1.3 |
A comprehensive tool that allows the end users to look at the same product or products from thousand...
Version 1.0 | AutoZone, Inc.
Streamline your shopping experience and get DIY repair info on the go with the AutoZone applicati...
Version 1.00 | Nearbynow, Inc.
Now you can get the newest experience of shopping with your iPhone and this application. You can ...
Version 2.0.3 | IQ Engines
Search the web for products and information with a single click through a camera of your iPhone. ...
eBay Mobile
Version 3.3.1 | eBay Inc.
Now eBay is open for business anytime, anywhere on the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch through this App. ...
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